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Austratech is a full service agency and our social media managers help you establish your business outcomes and identify your target audience, create engaging and shareable content. Content optimized to get maximum likes and shared virally. Finally link up your social media marketing with all other aspects of your online presence. Don't you spend most of your time in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? And, of course you might have "liked" and "commented" in many pages promoted through these social networking sites. Have you ever thought if these activities that you perform promote the votes and ranking of those pages? Yes, this is achieved by an online marketing technique called the Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is the technique of using social media communities or social network pool to increase the awareness of a brand or market product by creating publicity among the users. Types of social media and social networking sites include Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, social news and other blogging sites.

Brand Monitoring

Improve your business' reputation using the social media marketing and analytical tools within the software marketing. It will detect and record every mention of your brand to find out what prospective clients and current customers are saying in relation to your industry.


Social Media Contests

Online contents and free coupons on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can virally increases the quality traffic for your business in a very short span of time of time. Our experts will define and execute which types of contest and coupons on which social networking platforms are the most suitable for your brand.

Social Media Management

Austratech social media professionals via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will communicate with your current and potential customers, setup and run various campaigns in order to increase traffic to your website and achieve defined results in influencing and building relations with your target audience.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

Social media profiles established and tailored with awesome images, fantastic graphics, functional apps and striking page designs will definitely attract attention and engage prospective customers over a competitor company.

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Why Choose Austratech What You Get Using Our SEO Company's Help

  • We are Professional and Experienced.
  • We Focus on Our Client's Success.
  • We Build Exceptional Websites.
  • We Use Legitimate methods that Work.
  • We establish your business as a trusted Brand
  • We are Professional and Ethical in our business dealings.
  • We're committed to helping you achieve success online.